PrimeTime Static Timing Analysis

The Golden Signoff Solution


The PrimeTime® Suite delivers fast, memory-efficient scalar and multicore computing, distributed multi-scenario analysis and ECO fixing using POCV and variation-aware modeling.


Synopsys' PrimeTime static timing analysis tool provides a single, golden, trusted signoff solution for timing, signal integrity, power and variation-aware analysis.

It delivers PrimeSim™ HSPICE®  accurate signoff analysis that helps pinpoint problems prior to chip tapeout thereby reducing risk, ensuring design integrity, and lowering the cost of design. This industry gold-standard improves your team’s productivity by delivering fast turnaround to shave precious time from development schedules for large and small designs while ensuring first-pass silicon success through greater predictability and the highest accuracy. The solution is scalable to handle the largest chips imaginable with distributed analysis, scalable architecture and hierarchical methodology.

The PrimeTime Suite includes:

PrimeTime SI

  • Core static timing analysis
  • Multi-mode Multi-corner (MMMC) analysis
  • Crosstalk delay and signal integrity analysis
  • Constraint (SDC) consistency checking
  • Hierarchical analysis
  • Advanced On-chip variation (AOCV)

PrimeTime ADV

  • Physically-aware ECO guidance for timing, DRC and power recovery
  • Parametric on-chip variation (POCV)
  • Distributed hierarchical analysis
  • Derate based Multi-Input Switching support

PrimeTime ADVP

  • Wire, Via variation, and Layout proximity effects
  • Enhanced statistical models (Moments)
  • Advanced Multi-Input Switching support
  • Machine Learning based Power recovery and PBA
  • Simultaneous Multi-voltage Analysis with DVFS
  • Routability aware ECO with support for 6/5nm rules