Tool Demos

PrimeTime Cross-Clocking Reporting

PrimeTime Cross-Clocking Reporting
Runtime: 4:56 min.  


PrimeTime Physically-aware ECO with On-route Buffering

PrimeTime Physically-aware ECO with On-route Buffering
Runtime: 4:14 min.  


Access PrimeTime GCA Features During Timing Analysis

Learn how PrimeTime GCA can be used to analyze constraint errors during timing analysis
Runtime: 2:20 min.  


Fixing ECOs with PrimeTime

Learn how PrimeTime ECO can save you weeks of effort in timing closure with multi-scenario ECO fixing, and how PrimeTime can reduce the complexity of multi-scenario analysis by providing instant visibility to all scenarios in a single view.
Runtime: 7:53 min.  


Faster Debug: Filter-driven Schematic Highlighting

Learn the most effective way to find objects in PrimeTime schematics.
Runtime: 2:24 min.  


Faster Debug: The PrimeTime Path Analyzer

See how the Path Analyzer can be used to quickly review and categorize large numbers of timing paths.
Runtime: 3:39 min.  


Faster Debug: Selective Schematic Abstraction

Learn how to easily reduce complexity and accelerate debug with the PrimeTime schematic.
Runtime: 2:05 min.  


Simultaneous Multi-Voltage Aware Timing Analysis

Understand how PrimeTime's Simultaneous Multi-Voltage Aware (SMVA) Analysis helps you avoid the accuracy and runtime compromises normally associated with timing signoff of multi-voltage designs.
Runtime: 10:41 min.  

Debugging Clock Problems with PrimeTime SI

Explore the options available in PrimeTime SI to identify and debug clock issues that can prevent timing closure.
Runtime: 8:36 min.  

Clock Constraint Analysis with Galaxy Constraint Analyzer

See how you can easily get up and running with Galaxy Constraint Analyzer, and quickly identify critical clock constraint problems that could put your signoff at risk.
Runtime: 10:16 min.