PrimeLib: Unified Library Characterization and Validation


Golden Signoff Accuracy, Performance, Scalability for Accelerated Turnaround Time


The PrimeLib solution includes a comprehensive array of library characterization and QA capabilities that are tuned to produce PrimeTime® signoff quality libraries with maximum throughput on available compute resources. PrimeLib’s innovative technologies utilize embedded gold reference SPICE engines to provide a characterization speed up of advanced Liberty™ models used by PrimeTime static timing analysis (STA) to accurately account for effects seen in ultra-low voltage FinFET processes that impact timing. This includes PrimeTime parametric on-chip variation (POCV), advanced waveform propagation (AWP) and electromigration (EM) analysis. PrimeLib is cloud-ready, and with its optimized scaling technology delivers an accelerated throughput on cloud or an on-premise cluster.


Key Features

  • SmartScaling based multi-PVT characterization to instantly generate libraries and reduce significantly the overall characterization required for multiple PVT corners
  • Single captive license bundles everything required for cell library characterization, QA and simulator
  • Simple multi-core licensing enables easy adaptation to constantly changing characterization workload requirements
  • Embedded gold reference SPICE engines for best accuracy and integrated signoff library validation tuned to produce PrimeTime signoff quality libraries 
  • Innovative technologies provide high characterization throughput 
  • ML-based high-sigma char w/ HSPICE® AVA
  • Faster LVF runtime using new ML models and key technologies 
  • Cell reliability characterization to capture impacts of device model degradation over time (Aging) and electro-migration (EM)
  • ML-based augmented sensitivity database to enable faster time-to-market for an updated PDK
  • Comprehensive QA features for library validation and SPICE correlation
  • Unified GUI for library database management system, job processing, monitoring, compare and validate libraries - one GUI to visualize it all
  • Library characterization environment encryption support enables IP providers to deliver re-characterization kits