Comprehensive Cell, I/O and Memory Characterization

The SiliconSmart® solution is part of the Synopsys Custom Design Platform and generates Liberty libraries for use in digital design and implementation flows. The SiliconSmart solution includes a comprehensive array of library characterization and QA capabilities that are tuned to produce PrimeTime signoff-quality libraries with maximum throughput on available compute resources. SiliconSmart innovative technologies utilize embedded gold-reference SPICE engines to provide a characterization speed-up of advanced Liberty models used by PrimeTime static timing analysis (STA) to accurately account for effects seen in ultra-low-voltage FinFET processes that impact timing. This includes PrimeTime parametric on-chip variation (POCV), advanced waveform propagation (AWP), and electromigration (EM) analysis. 

SiliconSmart Platform Integration

Platform-level integration of SiliconSmart with HSPICE and PrimeTime ensures signoff-quality libraries 

PrimeTime Signoff-quality Libraries

Advanced process node standard cell libraries require accurate timing and noise models to ensure confident static timing analysis signoff — especially for mobile IC and IoT applications operating at ultra-low voltages. To meet the accuracy needs for advanced node characterization, SiliconSmart model generation has been tightly calibrated with PrimeTime and HSPICE® models to provide the best correlation and accuracy results. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tuned to produce PrimeTime signoff-quality libraries
  • Innovative technologies provide high characterization throughput
  • Simple multi-core licensing enables easy adaptation to constantly changing characterization workload requirements
  • Embedded gold-reference SPICE engines for best accuracy with fastest throughput