Power Analysis Solution

PrimePower analyzes full-chip power dissipation of cell-based designs throughout the design implementation process, from early estimation to signoff. PrimePower provides accurate power analysis reports for SoC designers to make timely design optimizations to achieve power targets; the supported power types include peak power, average power, clock network power, leakage power, and multi-voltage power.

By closely integrating with the PrimeTime®, the golden industry standard for timing and signal integrity signoff, PrimePower expands PrimeTime timing and signal integrity analysis solution to deliver accurate dynamic and leakage power analysis.


  • Full-chip timing, SI and power analysis
  • Vector-free dynamic power analysis
  • Averaged power analysis
  • Time-based power analysis
  • Multi-voltage power analysis
  • Clock Network power analysis
  • PST-based power analysis
  • Cycle-accurate peak-power analysis
  • Cell electromigration analysis
  • Concurrent event analysis
  • Distributed peak power analysis
  • Concurrent multi-rail analysis
  • Close integration with PrimeTime Suite
  • Link with the RedHawk™ Analysis Fusion in IC Compiler™ II
  • Power ECO analysis