QuickCap NX

High-Accuracy 3D Parasitic Field Solver

QuickCap NX is the gold standard 3D Field Solver solution for advanced 14nm FinFET and beyond process technologies.

  • Field solver solution for early process technology node exploration and parasitic modeling development
  • Advanced random-walk algorithm offers self-capacitance, coupling capacitance and distributed capacitance extraction for test structures and critical nets
  • Supports detailed process modeling of complex geometries and process effects for accurate analysis of device and interconnect parasitics at 14nm and below
  • Used by Foundries for high-accuracy 3D FinFET modeling using uniquely detailed silicon profiles
  • 3D graphical viewer allows visibility into the exact process profile being modeled
  • Faster runtime enabled by multicore processing, tiling, bounded nets and hierarchical extraction for increased designer productivity
3D field solver for 14nm and beyond process technologies

QuickCap NX 3D field solver solution enables early process exploration and characterization