Fusion Compiler

The Singular RTL-to-GDSII Digital Implementation Solution

An innovative RTL-to-GDSII product that enables a new era in digital design implementation, Fusion Compiler offers new levels of predictable quality-of-results to address the challenges presented by the industry’s most advanced designs. It's unified architecture shares technologies across the RTL-to-GDSII flow to enable a highly convergent system delivering 20% better QoR and 2X faster time-to-results. 


  • Single, integrated data model architecture for unmatched capacity, scalability, and productivity
  • Unified RTL-to-GDSII optimization engines unlocks new opportunities for best performance, power, and area results
  • Built-in signoff timing, parasitic extraction, and power analysis eliminate design iterations
  • Pervasive parallelization with multi-threaded and distributed processing technologies for maximum throughput
  • Leading foundry process certified FinFET, gate-all-around, and multi-patterning aware design