Methodology and Flow Deployment Services

Overview of Services

New technologies, applications, and techniques make flow enhancements an essential part of a scalable design process. Our team ensures flows and methodologies are compliant with required industry standards, customer specifications and silicon-proven best practices. Our central focus is to optimize the integration of the various technologies required to maximize differentiation of your product and interoperability. 

  • Optimize Existing Flow -  Tap into our design experts’ knowledge on end-to-end solutions to enhance your existing methodology, add new tools, or implement new sub-flows.
  • Deploy System Design Solution Flows -  Our experts help customers deploy Synopsys optimized flows for new technologies that reduce months off schedules while optimizing power, area, and performance. We partner as a technical advisor to capture system requirements for SoC digital and analog design, verification, testing, and digital and custom implementation.
  • Specialize for Application-Specific Requirements – When SoCs require application-specific requirements like functional safety, reliability, security, or radiation hardening, our team can help deploy these solutions into existing or as part of our System Design Solution Flows.
  • Automate and AI Integration –  Methodologies are important to ensure best practices are applied consistently.  Talk to our team about what automation and AI can be used to minimize human error and to improve productivity. 
  • Streamline Design Tracking –  Incorporate project reporting, metrics for design, verification, hardware/software validation, and implementation sign-off into tracking your end-to-end design processes.

Case Study

Project# A3HF26 - New Flow to Support Automotive Products in FinFET Technology Deployed in 3 Months

While planning its schedule to create four, Arm®-based FinFET chips, a client found its existing flow inadequate to support the increased complexities. A new methodology was required—one that changed everything including specs, process node, tools, libraries, and design techniques.

Since the projects could neither afford the schedule nor effort required to develop the flow, the client hired Synopsys Design Services to build it for them.

Our consultants cataloged the requirements and pre-configured the flow. Rather than starting from scratch, the team reduced schedule risk by building the flow on top of Synopsys’s flow, automation, and project reporting platform, LynxNXT. The custom flow was completed and deployed quickly, saving the client months on their schedules and several staff-years of effort.

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