Functional Safety (FuSa) Services

Synopsys provides automotive consulting services for each stage of ISO-certified autonomous driving and ADAS SoC development.  Our FuSa certified practitioners and technology experts deliver design and methodology services that integrate, verify, and implement your SoC with our Synopsys Automotive IP and native automotive solutions.  The team works closely with foundries to expedite your tape out to the automotive-grade processes that meets your needs.  We can architect your DFT methodology for safety critical blocks to diagnose if parts meet the most stringent requirements.

Overview of Services

  • SoC and Architecture consultants
  • FuSa Certified practitioners in NA, EU, APAC, & India regions 
  • Flows and expertise to implement/verify designs to conform to ISO 26262 and AEC-Q100 standards 
  • Requirements, management and tracing of verification to requirements 
  • Freedom-from-interference (FFI), which is a big concern of most designs
  • Comprehensive Safety and Reliability Test Suites
  • System Safety and Test Architecture and Methods
  • Pattern Generation/ Validation

  • Diagnosis
    • SoC Integration & Verification 
    • Analog block integration 
    • Arm cores - CPU, GPU, Realtime 
    • All aspects of general SoC development: synthesis, static timing analysis, test, power (UPF) development, timing closure 
    • We have utilized Tier 1 and Foundry automotive-specific Flows as well as our own
  • Ecosystem Partners for customers that require manufacturing services

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