Functional Safety Services

Functional Safety (FuSa) Services

Overview of Services

  • SoC and Architecture consultants
  • FuSa Certified practitioners in NA, EU, APAC, & India regions 
  • Flows and expertise to implement/verify designs to conform to ISO 26262 and AEC-Q100 standards 
  • Requirements, management and tracing of verification to requirements 
  • Freedom-from-interference (FFI), which is a big concern of most designs
  • Comprehensive Safety and Reliability Test Suites
  • System Safety and Test Architecture and Methods
  • Pattern Generation/ Validation

  • Diagnosis
    • SoC Integration & Verification 
    • Analog block integration 
    • Arm cores - CPU, GPU, Realtime 
    • All aspects of general SoC development: synthesis, static timing analysis, test, power (UPF) development, timing closure 
    • We have utilized Tier 1 and Foundry automotive-specific Flows as well as our own
  • Ecosystem Partners for customers that require manufacturing services

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