PrimeSim Reliability Analysis

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis

Unified Workflow of Proven Technologies for Full Lifecycle Reliability Verification

The need for safety and reliability has become paramount with the emergence of mission-critical IC applications across Automotive, Space, and Medical. These applications require low defect rates (measured in defective parts per billion or DPPB), compliance with ISO26262 safety standards, and long-term reliability. IC hyperconvergence adds another layer of complexity by driving complex multi-function/multi-technology design integrations on the same SoC or package. 

The need to verify safety and reliability on hyperconverged designs requires a holistic and cohesive approach to reliability verification. Disparate tools and solutions are grossly inadequate to meet the designer’s needs. 

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis is a comprehensive solution that unifies production proven and foundry-certified reliability analysis technologies covering Electromigration/IR drop analysis, high sigma Monte Carlo, MOS Aging, analog fault simulation, and circuit checks (ERC) to enable full-lifecycle reliability verification. 

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis is integrated with PrimeSim™ Continuum solution allowing users to seamlessly deploy foundry certified reliability analysis technologies and industry-leading simulation engines, and verify reliability across Early life, Normal life, and End-of-life stages. PrimeWave™ Design Environment, a newly architected environment delivers a rich and consistent reliability verification experience across all PrimeSim Continuum engines and PrimeSim Reliability Analysis technologies with unified setup and results post-processing. 

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