PrimeSim Custom Fault

Redefining Analog Fault Simulation for Functional Safety and Test Coverage Analysis

The growth in safety critical applications combined with high analog defect rates is driving the need for rigorous verification of safety and test coverage on automotive ICs. As a result, analog fault simulation is emerging as a critical requirement for automotive SoC design verification flows. IC designers are looking for the highest simulator performance and the most efficient fault reduction to verify safety and test coverage at the sub-system and full chip level. PrimeSim Custom Fault is the industry’s leading analog fault simulation solution that delivers best-in-class performance and a differentiated feature set to make sub-system and chip-level functional safety and test coverage analysis practical. PrimeSim Custom Fault is built on industry leading PrimeSim™ simulation technology and VCS® to deliver orders of magnitude higher analog and mixed-signal fault simulation performance. PrimeSim Custom Fault supports GUI and batch mode use models to enable ease of use and productivity for chip-level fault campaigns. PrimeSim Custom Fault can be reliably used to verify safety for ASIL-D applications since it is part of the ISO 26262 TCL1 certified Synopsys Custom Design tool chain.

PrimeSim Custom Fault Environment for Analog Fault simulation for Functional Safety and Test Coverage Analysis

Integral Part of PrimeSim Reliability Analysis

PrimeSim Custom Fault’s unified fault simulation workflow for fault identification, fault reduction, distributed simulation, and diagnostics is enabled by PrimeSim Continuum and PrimeSim Reliability Analysis solutions.

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis

PrimeSim Continuum provides a unified workflow of best-in-class Synopsys simulation technologies to accelerate analysis and verification of hyper-convergent IC designs. 

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis is a comprehensive solution that unifies production-proven and foundry-certified reliability analysis technologies covering Electromigration/IR drop analysis, high sigma Monte Carlo, MOS Aging, and circuit checks to enable full-lifecycle reliability analysis. 

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Formerly TestMAX CustomFault