PrimeSim XA

PrimeSim XA in the PrimeWave Design Environment

PrimeSim XA delivers Performance and Capacity for SRAM, Custom Digital and Mixed-signal Verification

PrimeSim™ XA simulator, an integral part of the PrimeSim™ solution is the leading FastSPICE for SRAM, Custom Digital and mixed-signal verification. PrimeSim XA’s breakthrough patented technologies deliver superior performance and capacity while maintaining SPICE accuracy. Advanced simulation intelligence automatically recognizes devices, topologies and hierarchies and employs the most efficient techniques to accurately simulate any design type. PrimeSim XA is fully integrated with PrimeWave™, a newly architected design environment and waveform viewer that encapsulates analysis and display requirement that drastically improves productivity. Additionally, PrimeSim XA is a key engine inside the PrimeSim™ Reliability Analysis, a set of comprehensive solutions (Fault simulation, Static Circuit Check, MOS Aging, IR/EM, Variation) that analyzes the full spectrum of a product life cycle, from early-life to end-of-life. 

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