Safety-Aware Solution for Automotive

Automate the design and verification of your functional safety SoCs with Synopsys’ comprehensive Safety-Aware Solution. The Safety-Aware Solution helps to make your automotive SoC design highly predictable so that you can reach your chip’s target Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL).

Why Use a Safety-Aware Solution for SoC Design?

With the rapid shift to ADAS and autonomous driving, carmakers are transitioning to a more centralized domain architecture with central compute. Autonomous driving compute solutions will become more centralized within SoCs to rapidly fuse multimodal sensor data and safely choose and initiate self-driving actions. The SoC manages every aspect of its domain and helps to ensure safe and secure operation. To design SoCs that meet these requirements, system architects integrate automotive-grade IP and ISO 26262-certified safety-aware test, design implementation, and hardware verification solutions  while consulting with automotive SoC experts. Selection of design flows and IP can simplify meeting your functional safety objectives and achieving power-performance-area (PPA) targets.

Design for ADAS and Autonomous Driving SoC
Using ARC Processor IP and Synopsys’ Safety-Aware Solution to Achieve ASIL D Random Hardware Metrics

Join Shivakumar Chonnad, Automotive Principal Engineer at Synopsys, to learn about Synopsys’ Safety-Aware Solution that enables and accelerates the development of ASIL-compliant SoC designs. The Safety-Aware Solution is demonstrated on the DesignWare® ARC® Functional Safety Processor IP.

The Synopsys Safety-Aware Solution includes a portfolio of design tools to help you:

  • Save effort with automated FMEA/FMEDA and native RTL-to-GDSII implementation of hardware safety mechanisms
  • Minimize human error with native FuSa design intent to describe safety mechanisms
  • Reduce documentation work with automated work products and supporting evidence
  • Reduce design time with automotive compliant IP, fast FuSa analysis, and earlier RTL
  • Improve QoR with native tools to reduce congestion and area impact due to hardware safety mechanisms
  • Optimize machine resources with faster native tools that use less memory
Synopsys Safety-Aware Solution for Random Hardware Faults

Synopsys Safety-Aware Solution for Random Hardware Faults

Synopsys partners with automotive market leaders and new entrants to accelerate development of safety-critical SoCs. Contact the Synopsys automotive group today to see how we can help you own your automotive innovation from silicon to software.