Flexible, Turn-key, and Secure Emulation

ZeBu® Cloud, part of the  Synopsys Verification Family, is a hosted emulation solution that delivers flexible, turn-key, and secure emulation to accelerate software bring-up, performance validation, power analysis, and system validation for IP and SoCs. Unlike other emulation cloud offerings, ZeBu Cloud provides the industry’s highest emulation performance and most comprehensive portfolio of virtual solutions.

ZeBu Cloud flexibility

Semiconductor companies can use ZeBu Cloud for a variety of different needs. New emulation users can satisfy their emulation requirements without the effort of building and operating their own emulation data center. For companies who run their ZeBu emulation systems on-premise, ZeBu Cloud allows to add  capacity for specific phases or use case requirements during a project. Finally, semiconductor companies, who want to enable their customers to access their designs for pre-silicon collaboration, can use Zebu Cloud as a secure emulation environment protecting both the semiconductor and customer data.

ZeBu Cloud turn-key emulation

ZeBu Cloud is a complete turn-key emulation solution that hosts emulation capacity in the Synopsys data center. In addition to the ZeBu emulation servers, ZeBu Cloud also provisions high performance compute servers for the entire ZeBu flow that provide the highest performance for ZeBu compilation,  ZeBu virtual solutions and ZeBu system-level debug. ZeBu Cloud provides the latest generation of x86 systems with memory ranging from 384GB - 768GB and up. Servers typically have two high performance SSDs for local storage. Additionally, NVMe disks are provided for ZeBu host servers to leverage the high-bandwidth ZeBu interface for extremely fast data dumps.

ZeBu Cloud secure access

ZeBu Cloud provides state-of-the-art secure access to the ZeBu Cloud through dedicated servers and secure access protocols. For each customer, ZeBu Cloud is being provisioned as stand-alone, private, physically separate ZeBu Server, thus giving ultimate protection for the customer design data. ZeBu Cloud provides access security through dedicated hardware resources & highest-grade encryption.

ZeBu Cloud use models

ZeBu Cloud supports all high value ZeBu use models such as SW bring-up, performance validation, power analysis, and system validation for IP and SoCs.