About HAPS-100

HAPS-100 is the industry’s highest performance and most scalable pre-silicon prototyping system. Synopsys HAPS® is the only platform in the verification flow that ensures all the pieces you design, including at-speed interfaces, work together in the system. Development teams need to get their product out the door with real-world speed interfaces, software, and hardware all working together. Software execution demands require the ability to run long cycles of software workloads, running fast enough to have the hardware validated before the next silicon arrives.

HAPS-100 is the best platform for software development use cases

  • Best performance
  • Asynchronous clocks
  • At-speed prototyping interfaces
  • Desktop or enterprise form factors

Key Benefits

Fastest Performance

For software development and system validation with 20-50 MHz for complex SoCs and up to 500 MHz for interface IP

Highest Debug Productivity

Through innovative system architecture with 4x signal capture and 4x higher debug performance

Enterprise & Ecosystem Scalability

Enables multi-design, multi-user parallelization at scale

The HAPS architecture is common across all platforms, enabling users to mix the platforms to assemble any sized prototype.


Desktop form factor in a portable platform. Best debug performance in the desktop category for the industry.





Desktop form factor


Offers full flexibility for a range of applications, from small designs with multiple users sharing the system to larger designs built up by cabling together multiple systems. Our most popular model is the software workhouse in the industry.

HAPS-100 4 FPGA Platform

Desktop or enterprise form factor

HAPS-100 12 FPGA

High capacity enterprise solution. Optimized for 1 BG+ designs and suitable for data-center installations.




Enterprise form factor

What Our Customers Are Saying

Phison – Success with HAPS

Learn how Phison changed from in-house prototyping platforms to HAPS prototyping to achieve predictable project schedules and high efficiency debug.

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