About HAPS-100

HAPS®-100 is the industry’s highest performance and most scalable prototyping system. It delivers the next innovation in prototyping, with the fastest performance, highest debug productivity and enterprise scalability to accelerate software development, system validation and verification.

The HAPS-100 prototyping system allows designers, software developers and verification engineers to work from anywhere, through the HAPS Gateway, to manage multi-design, multi-user deployment for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

Key Benefits

Fastest Performance

for software development and system validation with 20-50 MHz for complex SoCs and up to 500 MHz for interface IP

Highest Debug Productivity

through innovative system architecture with 4x signal capture and 4x higher debug performance

Enterprise & Ecosystem Scalability

through HAPS Gateway software enabling multi-design, multi-user parallelization


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Highest Performance Prototyping System

HAPS prototyping software builds upon Synopsys’ 20+ years of experience in FPGA synthesis and delivers the highest performance using timing optimization for the direct connect architecture. Synopsys customers also benefit from Synopsys DesignWare® IP Prototyping Kits, which are critical to accelerate IP integration, software development and system validation.

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Phison – Success with HAPS

Learn how Phison changed from in-house prototyping platforms to HAPS prototyping to achieve predictable project schedules and high efficiency debug.


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