DesignWare IP for Cloud Computing

High-Performance IP for AI Accelerator, Networking, Communication, and Storage SoCs

Hyperscale cloud data centers continue to evolve due to tremendous Internet traffic growth from smartphones, media applications, video streaming, and connected AI devices. This is driving the need for new architectures for compute, storage, and networking such as AI accelerators, Software Defined Networks (SDNs), communications network processors, and solid state drives (SSDs) storage to improve cloud data center efficiency and performance. Re-architecting the cloud data center to support these latest applications is driving the next generation of semiconductor SoCs supporting new high-speed protocols to optimize data processing, networking, and storage in the cloud. Designers building SoCs for these cloud computing applications need a combination of high-performance and low-latency IP solutions to help deliver total system throughput. Synopsys provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, silicon-proven IP that enables designers to develop SoCs for high-end cloud computing AI accelerators, networking, communications network processors, and storage applications. Synopsys’ DesignWare® Interface IP, Processor IP, and Foundation IP are optimized for high-performance, low-latency, and low-power, while supporting advanced process technologies from 16-nm to 5-nm FinFET.