HAPS-80 and HAPS-SX Prototyping Solutions

Industry's Fastest Prototyping Solution

Integrated system speeds software development, hardware verification and system validation.

Scalable Prototyping Solution Accelerates Hardware and Software Development

Many design and validation teams are increasingly using prototyping to meet time-to-market windows. Synopsys HAPS® Prototyping Solution improves time-to-market and helps avoid costly device re-spins by enabling early embedded software development and allowing hardware and software co-design well ahead of chip fabrication. Together, our suite of tightly integrated and easy-to-use HAPS solutions dramatically accelerate software development, hardware verification and system validation from individual IP blocks to processor subsystems to complete SoCs.

Synopsys’ HAPS prototyping solution offers an integrated prototyping flow focused on:

  • Delivering the highest performance
  • Enabling modularity, scalability and real world IO
  • Offering the highest debug productivity
  • Providing the shortest time to a prototype
  • Integrating an out-of- the box experience for early access bring-up
  • Shifting the entire verification and software development effort left as part of the Synopsys Verification Continuum Platform
  • Reducing IP prototyping and integration effort with DesignWare IP Prototyping Kits

HAPS is supported by an ecosystem of third-party vendors from the Synopsys HAPS Connect Program that provide daughter board interfaces for HAPS.