HAPS-80: Industry's Fastest Prototyping System

Integrated system speeds software development, hardware verification and system validation

Scalable Prototyping System Accelerates Hardware and Software Development

Many design and validation teams are increasingly using prototyping to meet time-to-market windows. Synopsys' HAPS Prototyping Solution improves time-to-market and helps avoid costly device re-spins by enabling early embedded software development and allowing hardware and software co-design well ahead of chip fabrication. Together, our suite of tightly integrated and easy-to-use HAPS hardware and HAPS ProtoCompiler tools dramatically accelerate software development, hardware verification and system validation from individual IP blocks to processor subsystems to complete SoCs.

HAPS systems are also supported by an ecosystem of third-party vendors from the Synopsys HAPS Connect Program that provide daughter boards for HAPS.

Synopsys HAPS Prototyping Solution Brings It All Together

The Synopsys HAPS prototyping solution is a complete hardware-assisted system validation environment based on our HAPS® High-performance ASIC Prototyping System™ supported by a comprehensive design automation and debug environment called HAPS ProtoCompiler.

Benefits of the Synopsys prototyping solution include:

  • 3-6 months shorter design schedules by enabling earlier embedded software development
  • Eliminate redundant IP prototyping tasks by using pre-tested DesignWare IP components
  • Maximize ROI by applying the modular system across multiple projects
  • Lower risk with a proven solution with over 5000 units shipped across more than 400 customers
  • Improve product quality with a high-performance system that will support real-world interface testing
  • Portable and cost effective to deploy prototypes to software development teams
  • Freely combine RTL and other model formats like SystemC to create hybrid prototypes for even earlier availability
  • Immediate product availability using the latest generation of FPGA devices, bypassing bring-up effort and expense of custom-built systems
  • Reliable for maximum up-time with sophisticated PCB technology and advanced power and heat management
  • Easy deployment and sharing via a network connection and the HAPS UMRBus Interface Kit