Synplify® FPGA synthesis software is the industry standard for producing high-performance and cost-effective FPGA designs. Synplify software supports the latest VHDL and Verilog language constructs including SystemVerilog and VHDL-2008. The software also supports FPGA architectures from a variety of FPGA vendors, including Achronix, Intel, Lattice, Microsemi and Xilinx, all from a single RTL and constraint source. In addition, the Synplify synthesis tool provides high performance, faster runtime, area optimizations for cost and power reduction, incremental and team-design capabilities for faster FPGA design development. It includes features that automate the creation of highly reliable designs such as those used in medical, automotive, industrial automation, communications, military, and aerospace applications.

Synplify Screenshot

Synplify Tool Features

  • Advanced Verilog, System Verilog and VHDL support
  • Best quality of results (QoR) for timing performance and area/cost reduction
  • Support for high reliability and safety-critical design including DO-254, ISO 26262 and IEC 61508
  • Accelerated runtimes delivering up to 3X runtimes with support for up to 4 processors per license 
  • Distributed synthesis with support for single or multiple machine synthesis
  • Static timing analysis and reporting to measure design performance at synthesis level with close correlation with post place and route performance.
  • Integrated Identify RTL Debugger to quickly find functional errors
  • Fault injection and debugging support to measure effectiveness of safety and high reliability features. 
  • HDL Analyst interactive graphical analysis and debug tool for design diagnosis, problem isolation and functional and performance analysis
  • Advanced design debug and diagnosis through HDL Analyst and hierarchical debug flows
  • FSM Compiler and FSM Explorer for automatic extraction and optimization of finite state machines from RTL
  • Integration with VCS® simulator  
  • Scripting and Tcl/Find support for flow automation and customizable synthesis, debug, and reporting