Understanding HAPS Prototyping Systems and Accessories

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Feb 07, 2023 / 1 min read

HAPS users benefits from a wide variety of add-on cards and accessories. In addition to the catalog of parts available from Synopsys, partners in the HAPS Connect program offer a large catalog of accessory cards based on HapsTrak3 and Multi-Gigabit Board (MGB) connectors.

Generic I/O Protocols

The MGB board allows to interface the wide range of standard MGB cards to the HapsTrak connector. The GPIO+ board is helpful for setting up debug connections and basic interactivity though buttons and LEDs. The QSFP+ board can support a variety of protocols such as QSPF+, 40G Ethernet, SAS and others. The HAPS Logic Analyzer Interface board allows probing of dedicated signals with standard logic analyzers


The LPDDR4 memory board enables prototyping a design of designs using LPDDR4 memories.


The HapsTrak3 (HT3) interconnect board aids in the building of point-to-point connections between two FPGAs in the HAPS prototyping system.

The HAPS External Clock Distribution board extends direct synchronization of clocks to connect or interface up to six HAPS systems together.


In summary, HAPS users enjoy a wide array of add-on cards and accessories from Synopsys and its partners. These range from the MGB board for interfacing, the versatile QSFP+ board, the LPDDR4 memory board for prototyping, to the HT3 interconnect board for FPGA connections. The HAPS External Clock Distribution board also aids in synchronizing up to six HAPS systems, ensuring all prototyping needs are met.

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