HAPS Connect Program

Third-Party Daughter Board and Services for HAPS Systems

The HAPS Connect Program expands the choice of HapsTrak and Multi-Gigabit board and service offerings available for HAPS systems.

The HAPS Connect Program helps customers to:

  • Develop HAPS prototypes faster by leveraging compatible daughter boards from leading industry hardware vendors
  • Reduce project risk by taking advantage of hardware and services from vendors with HAPS system expertise
  • Save on prototype development costs and resources by using products and services tailored for HAPS systems

Contact us for more information on how to join the HAPS Connect Program, hapsconnect@synopsys.com.

HAPS Connect Program Partners

Back9 Design

Back9 Design is a Silicon Valley mechanical engineering firm that specializes in electronic system enclosure design. Clients hail from a wide variety of markets. With over 30 years' experience, working with state of the art tools such as SOLIDWORKS, and partnering with industry leaders in fields such as thermal analysis and PCB design, Back9 Design is poised to offer its clients a total solution to their project needs. For information, email back9design@charter.net


EDADOC, the largest PCB design company in China, specializes in high-Speed PCB design, SI simulation, EMC design, PCB fabrication and assembly. EDADOC provides full turnkey services for PCB fabrication and assembly, helping HAPS customers speed prototype creation and mass production. http://www.en.edadoc.com/ 


E-ELEMENTS, engages in advanced FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) system design, training, technological consultation services, and supplying laboratory equipment to universities for over a decade. The company aims at establishing long-term strategic partnership with world-leading PLD/SOC manufacturers to offer leading SOC/FPGA/ASIC design services to customers with high-tech and competitive solutions and cooperate with universities, research institutes and enterprises on new technology popularization. http://www.e-elements.com


eInfochips, a Product and Semiconductor Design Solutions company, offers technology services to major Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With a strong ecosystem of platform and manufacturing partners, eInfochips has contributed to 500+ customer products in critical industry verticals like Aerospace & Defense, Security & Surveillance, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics and Medical Devices. eInfochips is a one stop shop for concepts to spec to product ranging from SoC/ASIC/FPGA design, Electronic Hardware, System Software, QA and Certification. Ranked #1 by Gartner as a Semiconductor Design Services Company, eInfochips has enabled 150+ first pass silicon design tape-outs across 180-16nm node technology. https://www.einfochips.com/


Fidus Systems provides Electronic Product Development and Consulting Services to companies across a wide range of industries. Focusing on high-speed, complex designs, Fidus enables your success with four design centers (Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, San Jose, Boston), a large full-time staff, and flexible business models. By leveraging in-house expert knowledge, and utilizing industry leading tools, Fidus delivers excellence in Hardware, FPGA/DSP, Signal Integrity, Embedded Software, RF/Wireless, PCB Layout, and Mechanical design. Fidus is proud to be selected and recognized as Premier Design Services Member for Xilinx North America. For more information visit www.fidus.com


Gigafirm Consulting, a hardware and service provider for FPGA prototype design. Gigafirm provides comprehensive off-the-shelf, high quality daughter boards and services for HAPS systems, helping HAPS customers accelerate prototype assembly and system validation. http://www.gigafirm.com/


Radrix Co., Ltd. is a university venture company based in Japan. Radrix provides various engineering solutions, including system design and development for the signal processing and wireless communication field. Radrix has developed chipsets, ASIC and FPGA level design and system simulators for next-generation wireless LAN 802.11n/ac and other next-generation digital communication systems.http://www.radrix.com/?lang=en

Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits assembles prototype and small volume production PC boards. We’ll build as few as one board for a quick-turn prototype, and up to thousands for low-volume production. We’ll build from your kit, or, with our long-time PC board fab partner, Sunstone Circuits, and parts suppliers, such as Digi-key, Arrow, and others, we’ll handle the whole procurement and build process for you. We’ve built boards that have gone up into space, down into the ocean, and everywhere in between. ITAR and IPC Class III are available. http://www.screamingcircuits.com/ 

Sunstone Circuits®

Sunstone Circuits® is the established leader in providing innovative and reliable printed circuit board (PCB) solutions for the electronic design industry. With over 40 years of experience in delivering high quality, on-time PCB prototypes, Sunstone Circuits is committed to delivering production-grade small-quantity PCB manufacturing, from layout to fabrication, from board test to assembly (in partnership with Screaming Circuits), Sunstone Circuits can help you build out your HAPS system quickly and effectively. http://www.sunstone.com/

ZebaX Technologies

ZebaX Technologies offers test modules (breakout adapters) enabling debug and test of design solutions using high-speed b2b connectors covering multiple single/differential ended signaling standards for test equipment, FPGA Mezzanine Card, FMC, standards, including HSMC, VITA 57.1, and HAPS. Additionally ZebaX offers test modules catering to ASIC bring up/characterization and HDMI, USB 3.1 and DP electrical test boards. ZebaX provides best in class solutions accelerating pre-bring up, bring up and characterization phases. http://www.zebax.com/


Zoro provides embedded software engineering services from concept and specification to implementation and integration. Zoro has established itself as a distinctive advisory company providing professional consulting services in multiple fields, with expertise in software and hardware solutions including architectural design, hardware definition, specification, design and development, and FPGA-based design and prototyping. http://www.zoro-sw.com/