About ZeBu Server 5

The Synopsys ZeBu® Server 5 emulation system delivers 2X the emulation performance and 2x higher throughput compared to its predecessor, to enable SoC verification and software bring-up, and to address the exploding verification requirements of automotive, 5G, networking, artificial intelligence, and datacenter SoCs.

Key Benefits

2X Higher Throughput

Scalable Up To 30 Billion Gates

Improved Energy Use

Advancing Digital Twins

Unmatched Reliability

Future-Proof Technology


Zebu 4

Improved Performance

Synopsys ZeBu Server 5 delivers 2X higher performance compared to its predecessor, taking advantage of its unique architecture, commercial FPGAs, and innovations in emulation. This software enables users with faster compile, advanced debug, power analysis, simulation acceleration, and hybrid emulation. These use cases are further supported by the industry’s most comprehensive suite of transactors, speed adaptors, and virtual models.

Power Efficiency

Synopsys ZeBu Server 5 notches up verification productivity while  cutting power consumption in half. Furthermore, ZeBu emulation systems have shown unmatched reliability.

Advancing Digital Twins

The additional horsepower of Synopsys ZeBu Server 5 advances digital twin capabilities, enabling designers to speed up development of production-ready silicon. Availability on the cloud provides verification engineers the flexibility to scale up and down as their projects demand.

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