The Next-generation of Design Compiler

Synopsys Design Compiler® NXT is the latest innovation in the Synopsys Design Compiler family of RTL Synthesis products, extending the market-leading synthesis position of Synopsys Design Compiler Graphical. Synopsys Design Compiler NXT technology innovations include fast, highly efficient optimization engines, cloud-ready ,a new, highly accurate approach to RC estimation and capabilities required for the process nodes 5nm and below. 

2X Faster Runtime
New optimization and intelligent multi-threading technologies for better scalability up to eight CPUs
Improved QoR
12% lower total power and 10% smaller area through advanced optimizations and concurrent clock data (CCD) technology
Synopsys Cloud Digital Instance provides pre-configured, simplified, automated synthesis flows

Synopsys Design Compiler NXT


Synopsys Design Compiler NXT is the next step in the evolution of the industry-leading Synopsys Design Compiler family. Continued top performance and enabled for next-generation process nodes, you can depend on improved PPA and greater throughput.

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The Next Evolution of Synopsys' Digital Toolset


Faster QoR and Advanced Node Ready