Synopsys Cloud Digital Instance provides automated flows for two primary tasks in a typical digital design: synthesis and RTL-to-signoff. All required EDA tools, third-party technologies, and pre-optimized compute virtual machine options are available for engineers with a few clicks in the browser window. The Digital Instance includes baseline tool scripts for the most optimal flow to achieve the design’s target metrics. Design teams can tweak the configurable base flow as needed.

Get Productive with Cloud-Based Digital Design

The cloud-based digital design SaaS instance features an automated RTL-to-signoff design flow. Rather than dealing with multiple tool scripts and data handoff, not to mention an expert CAD flow setup, users can instead take advantage of:

  • Pre-configured ready-to-use flows
  • Simplified and automated execution
  • Managed and flow-optimized compute

Flexible, Fully Configurable Digital Design Flow

The Digital Instance offers pre-built and expertly tuned flows for two of the most popular digital design roles. In addition to the synthesis flow that can enable RTL validation, exploration, and design handoff for RTL-focused architecture designers, a complete RTL-to-signoff flow is also available and targeted for full-flow digital designers.

These pre-built flows remain fully customizable. Users can configure the Digital Instance to execute any subset of the flow for targeted design iteration or exploration. 

Simplified and Intuitive Cloud-based Interface

The Digital Instance enables a new use model where simple design input configuration and a few buttons can complete execution of a full RTL-to-signoff digital flow. While traditional script-based user interfaces remain available for expert users, the Digital Instance offers a simplified, intuitive graphical user interface for flow customization that can be leveraged by design engineers of all experience levels. 

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