Designed in the Cloud, Designed for the Cloud

Jitendra Mohan - CEO and Co-Founder of Astera Labs discusses how Astera Labs successfully designs purpose-built connectivity solutions for data-centric systems using Synopsys Cloud BYOC and AWS. Watch a short Q & A session and the full SNUG technical session to learn about best practices.


Astera Labs Reduces Design Time by 30%

Learn how the combination of Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA licenses and BYOC using AWS addressed Astera Labs' resource and compute needs and reduced time-to-tapeout by over 30 percent. 


AWS - The BYOC Cloud Provider for Astera Labs

Customers of Synopsys Cloud BYOC with FlexEDA select a public cloud provider to run their Synopsys EDA tools. Astera Labs chose to run its EDA workloads in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud since the company's founding. The combination of Synopsys EDA products and AWS HPC compute resources enabled Astera Labs to run hundreds of chip design simulations in parallel and speed the design and verification of its chips. They were able to quickly identify and fix bugs in a virtual environment before their chip design was sent for tape-out. As a result, the company finished their new chip's design, meeting their aggressive development schedule and delivering the high quality product that their customers expect.