Accelerating Silicon Success With Synopsys Cloud and Silicon-proven Synopsys IP


Navigating the Semiconductor Landscape

The escalating demand for customized silicon solutions presents the semiconductor industry with unprecedented challenges. Non-traditional semiconductor players and startups face obstacles such as formidable entry barriers, complex design processes and unpredictable development timelines. The HCLTech in-house design team was developing a new product and needed a complete chip design platform that could be elastic and flexible for both electronic design automation (EDA) licenses and compute options. The following pain points needed to be addressed:

  • Infrastructure deployment: Long set-up times for EDA environment with limited capacity and scalability
  • Performance and productivity bottlenecks: Unable to leverage leading-edge infrastructure quickly
  • License management overhead: Lost time and productivity in deploying and managing license servers



Transforming SoC Design with Synopsys Cloud Collaboration

HCLTech and Synopsys are collaborating to accelerate the development of complex silicon solutions for clients by leveraging the capabilities of Synopsys Cloud deployment, providing a seamless browser-based SoC design experience. Through this collaboration, HCLTech aims to minimize integration risk and time-to-market by delivering high-caliber, silicon-proven IP for clients. This approach facilitates the delivery of better designs faster, enabling quicker results, more iterations, enhanced quality and reduced operating costs through on-demand computing and unlimited pay-per-use EDA software access. 

A significant aspect of this collaboration is the adoption of Synopsys Cloud, a platform that provides unparalleled flexibility and on-demand access to EDA tools. It enables accelerated design delivery, ensuring that SoC projects are completed on schedule without being hindered by EDA or infrastructure constraints. Additionally, the pay-per-use licensing model under the Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA approach provides budget control, making it cost-effective for design teams.



Unlocking Operational Excellence through Transformative Outcomes

The collaboration empowered HCLTech to develop next-gen SoC platforms, unleashing efficiency and reducing OpEx. Key benefits included:

  • Up and running production environment in two days
  • Accelerated time to results, enabling more iterations and improved quality
  • Cost-effective with on-demand computing and unlimited pay-per-use EDA software access
  • Access to the latest compute resources and standardized EDA flows
  • End-to-end license and user management through built-in CAD/IT controls


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