Synopsys Cloud Verification Instance incorporates a complete verification simulation flow including debug and analysis with pre-configured verification tasks.There is no need for building out an extensive verification infrastructure, including tool acquisition and set up, thus eliminating the need for IT involvement. The Verification Instance allows companies to scale verification based on real-time demands without the need for purchasing more licenses. 

The Industry's 1st Scalable, On-Demand Verification Solution

The secure Verification Instance (VI) is geared for both emerging and established semiconductor companies. Newer organizations can reduce their verification costs with VI’s pre-configured flows that can be implemented by the minute. Organizations with a verification environment already in place can quickly scale their verification when additional computation power is needed. VI’s comprehensive set of ready-to-use and easy-to-use simulation and debug flows are built with automation in mind. The automation engines reduce the manual and often error-prone verification effort to reach coverage closure quickly and increase design quality.

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