Unlock Streamlined SaaS Instances for Photonic Design Solutions

The Synopsys Photonic Cloud instance provides a complete end-to-end design flow that leverages Synopsys’ years of experience in EDA and photonic design automation. Learn about our platform of design solutions available on the Cloud for photonic devices, systems, and integrated circuits.

Photonic Device Compiler Diagram

Applications & Benefits

The photonic design flow is pre-configured in the virtual machine image, ready to be provisioned on demand at the designer’s disposal. The Synopsys Cloud environment enables global engineering teams to collaborate on the same schematic, layout, or design.

Which Photonic Cloud Solution Do I Need?

Photonic IC SaaS

Design and simulate photonic integrated circuits and optical communication systems

Photonic Device SaaS

Design and simulate photonic devices including lasers and VCELs, nano-optics, photonic structures, and materials

Browser-Based Design

The Synopsys Photonic Cloud Instance, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, makes available a complete front-to-back electronic-photonic design flow through a flexible cloud-based environment, giving designers unprecedented flexibility for provisioning hardware and design tools. The Photonic Cloud instance eliminates the need to maintain a CAD infrastructure since the flow is available within a browser-based SaaS environment.

Ideal for Start-Ups and Small/Medium Enterprises

Design teams are not constrained by computing infrastructure or by licenses. As needs change through the design cycle, teams can move between different tools seamlessly and scale their usage up or down without needing to go through any additional discussions, negotiations, or hardware and software setup.

Photonic IC SaaS

The OptoCompiler platform for photonic IC design enables engineers to produce and verify complex photonic IC designs quickly and accurately. OptoCompiler provides a unified E/O end-to-end design flow including custom device design, circuit design and simulation, layout creation, and photonic DRC and LVS. 

Photonic Device SaaS

The RSoft Photonic Device Tools provide the most comprehensive suite of rigorous solvers to design passive and active photonic devices, including lasers and VCSELs. No single photonic simulation algorithm meets the needs of all applications, and making the right choice is necessary to optimize simulation time and accuracy. The RSoft Photonic Device Tools address this challenge by incorporating the following algorithms:

  • Finite-difference time-domain (FullWAVE FDTD)
  • Beam propagation method (BeamPROP BPM)
  • Rigorous coupled wave analysis (DiffractMOD RCWA)
  • Plane wave expansion (BandSOLVE PWE)
  • Finite element method (FemSIM FEM)
  • Coupled mode theory (GratingMOD CMT)
  • Eigenmode expansion (ModePROP EME)

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