X-Tolerant Logic Built-in Self-Test (BIST)

Synopsys TestMAX XLBIST delivers a solution for in-system self-test of digital designs where functional safety is critical, such as in automotive, medical, and aerospace applications, and is the industry’s first X-tolerant architecture that eliminates all Xs in a design. The result is smaller impact on test costs and faster time to market.


  • Addresses ISO 26262 automotive functional safety and other in-system test requirements
  • Predictably achieves target test coverage within given run time, clock frequency, and power constraints
  • X-tolerant logic BIST eliminates designer effort to address unknown logic values (Xs)


  • Supports standard and high X-tolerance architectures
  • In combination with TestMAX ATPG, supports deterministic compressed patterns
  • Intelligent re-seeding with on-chip pattern generation and response analysis that can be stored on-chip or applied from external sources
  • Diagnosis using MISR signature analysis supported for manufacturing test using TestMAX Diagnosis