Faster, Earlier System Verification

With designs at advanced nodes or those approaching reticle limits, it’s more of an imperative to verify comprehensively and thoroughly across all stages of the design flow. When in-house compute resources are limited, the cloud provides a welcome advantage. Synopsys cloud-based verification solutions can accelerate software bring-up and system validation while leveraging the scalability and fine-grained parallelism technology of the Verification Continuum® Platform, including the security and flexibility that the hosted ZeBu® Cloud solution provides.

Cloud-Optimized Solutions

Functional Verification​ | Synopsys

Reduce Simulation Turnaround Time

Exhaustive functional verification calls for high-performance simulation and constraint solver engines. That's what you get with Synopsys VCS® simulation solution in the cloud. Speed up high-activity, long-cycle tests by allocating more cores when needed. Leverage seamless data-sharing between simulations by using VCS containers.​

With our functional verification flow, you'll benefit from verification planning, coverage analysis, and closure solutions, as well as native integration with the Synopsys Verdi® de-facto debug environment and access to industry-first verification IP (VIP) for the latest protocols and memory models.​


Formal Verification​

Highest Convergence Formal Engine

Finding bugs earlier and accelerating root-cause analysis are two keys to reducing overall costs, time, and effort. Synopsys VC Formal™ on the cloud delivers the scalability needed for high convergence in a shorter time for today's complex SoCs. Take advantage of machine learning applications on the cloud to improve formal regression throughput.

Static Verification​ | Synopsys

Early In-Depth Design Analysis

As SoCs grow more complex, verifying correct construction of RTL, CDC, and RDC early in the RTL phase of development becomes critical. Synopsys VC SpyGlass™ on the cloud helps you achieve faster RTL signoff for complex, billion+-gate designs.The next-generation architecture of VC SpyGlass leverages machine learning (ML) to deliver 10x faster debug. Offload late-stage verification by adopting early low-power signoff using VC LP with full-chip capacity and advanced debug using ML. 

Emulation + -
Emulation | Synopsys

Flexible, Turnkey, and Secure Emulation

By quickly zeroing in on root causes of test failures, emulation can help accelerate the chip design and verification process. Synopsys ZeBu® Cloud, part of the Synopsys Verification Continuum® Platform, is a hosted emulation solution that delivers flexible, turnkey, and secure emulation to accelerate software bring-up, performance validation, and system validation for IP and SoCs. Unlike other emulation cloud offerings, ZeBu Cloud provides the industry’s highest emulation performance and most comprehensive portfolio of virtual solutions.​

Person Prototyping​ | Synopsys

Maximize Benefits of High-Performance Prototyping Farms

Avoiding costly device re-spins and staying on schedule calls for high-performance prototyping. Synopsys HAPS Gateway enables remote management, usage, and analysis of prototyping farms. The combined power of all HAPS systems installed on-premises on desks, in labs, and in data centers across the globe can be leveraged remotely through a single API gateway, enabling efficient creation and deployment of apps to end users. ​

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