With Synopsys DSO.ai, design teams can reimagine the chip design workflow to achieve better  power, performance, and area (PPA), maximize the benefits of silicon process technologies, and slash lead times to bringing new or derivative products to market. By massively scaling exploration of design workflow options while automating less consequential decisions, DSO.ai drives higher engineering productivity faster than ever before.

If you're just getting started with an AI solution for chip design; tune into our podcast series to learn more about what's driving the need for AI-driven design automation. 

Episode 4. Applying AI to Optimize Workflows

May 2022

Which tasks in the chip design process can benefit from AI? In this episode, Synopsys experts discuss the multitude of applications in use today and the possibility of building your own using our AI system.

Episode 3. Designing with AI: Scaling Up Using AI Solutions

April 2022

The true power of an AI system is its ability to leverage past learnings for reuse. Listen to our Synopsys experts discuss how to maximize benefits and scale up your chip design activity with our AI solution!

Episode 2. Designing with AI: Getting Started with AI Solutions

March 2022

Using an AI solution for your next chip is easier than you might think. Listen to our latest AI podcast where Synopsys experts explain what is needed to take your first step into the world of AI-driven design!

Episode 1. Designing with AI: The Need for AI-Driven Solutions

March 2022

Why do we need AI and is it a big green button? Join Synopsys experts to understand what is driving the need for AI-driven design automation solutions like DSO.ai and the benefits it offers to the design community and the semiconductor industry at large.

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