Synopsys Brochure – Full Stack, AI-Driven EDA Suite
From System Architecture to Design and Manufacturing

The rapid and exponential increase in chip design complexity is creating significant hurdles for the semiconductor industry. Companies must contend with the challenges posed by the march to angstroms, multi-die integration, and node migration, along with aggressive time-to-market targets, increasing manufacturing test costs, and the global engineering resource crunch. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) for electronic design automation (EDA) can address these challenges head on.™, the industry’s first full stack, AI-driven EDA suite’s, is delivering significant quality or results (QoR) and productivity improvements across the entire stack. The suite’s sustained differentiation to the chip design process includes comprehensive AI-driven design optimization, data analytics and generative AI capabilities. As the pioneer in AI-driven design, accelerates the chip design workflow by enabling companies to build more chips faster in the face of systemic complexity, shrinking talent shortages, and increased industry demands. Bochure

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