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Polaris Software Integrity Platform® is an integrated, cloud-based application security testing solution optimized for the needs of development and DevSecOps teams. 
Polaris Application Security Platform Overview

Remove complexity

Onboard and start scanning code in minutes, and automate testing easily with built-in SCM, CI, and issue-tracking integrations.

Remove costs

With Polaris, there is no hardware to deploy or software to update, and no limits on team size or scan frequency.

Improve scalability

Elastic capacity and concurrent scanning optimize application scan times. And Polaris scales to support thousands of applications.

Multiple powerful analysis engines in a single solution

Polaris brings our market-leading security analysis engines together in a unified platform, giving you the flexibility to run different tests at different times based on application, project, schedule, or SDLC events.

Polaris fAST Static


Find and fix security defects in proprietary code and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates with fast incremental scanning that delivers accurate results and dramatically reduces scan times by limiting analysis to code that has changed since the last scan.

Polaris fAST SCA


Identify vulnerabilities in your application’s software supply chain with detailed Black Duck® Security Advisory (BDSA) guidance to help you assess severity and impact as well as potential workaround and upgrade options.

Automated scanning and policy with the DevOps tools you use today

Source code managers

Easily connect Polaris directly to GitHub or GitLab repositories and set schedules for automated scanning of projects.

Continuous integration tools

Trigger scans within Jenkins workflows with the option to "break the build" or send email alerts based on policy violations.

Issue-tracking tools

Triage and prioritize issues centrally within the Polaris UI, and assign them to developers via integration with Jira.

Reporting and analytics to help manage AppSec risks across your portfolio

  • Triage vulnerabilities
  • Review, prioritize, and track issues across applications, projects, and test types.
  • Track progress
  • Get a real-time view of current and previous tests across applications, projects, and teams.
  • Analyze trends
  • Identify AppSec hotspots in your portfolio with views that show you vulnerability severity and type information.
polaris desktop
polaris desktop
polaris desktop

Expert services to help keep things running smoothly


Optional onboarding services help you accelerate team adoption and application onboarding.



Vulnerability triage services help teams cut through the noise by removing false positives from scan results.



Synopsys teams monitor for failed scans and can assist with resolving issues to avoid disruptions to pipelines.


Support for the most popular languages, frameworks, and package managers

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