Using Example Models in CODE V

Dr. Yijun (Joy) Ding

Aug 04, 2022 / 2 min read

What Are CODE V Example Models and How Are They Useful?

Did you know that you can quickly learn specific features of CODE V using example models?

CODE V example models can be found in the SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base. Each example model includes a PDF document that explains the feature you will learn, describes the example model, and provides step-by-step instructions for using the example model.

Many examples also include a sequence (.seq) file that documents all the steps and analysis results. This gives you flexibility to learn a CODE V feature either by using the graphical user interface (GUI) as described in the PDF, or by using the Macro-PLUS programming language in the sequence file.

What Example Models Are Available?

Four examples are currently available:

  1. AUT_Gaussbeam_beam: how to use the beam waist size and location calculated by Gaussbeam() to constrain the optimization (AUT) of a lens system for slow Gaussian beam
  2. BSP_BallCouple: how to set up Beam Synthesis Propagation (BSP) with Pre-Analysis for a ball couple lens
  3. FieldMap_3Mirror: how to set up field map analysis (FMA) and what can you learn from the field maps with a three-mirror reflective system
  4. GS_InvTel: how to use Global Synthesis with an inverted telephoto lens and how to view starting points generated by Global Synthesis

How Does This Work?

To understand how to use CODE V example models, let’s work with the BSP example (BSP_BallCouple). The steps below show you how to set the output you need for the BSP analysis.

Output 2D Intensity Plots

Additional steps guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate sampling and image patch size. By the time you get to the last step, you will be able to use BSP to calculate the image intensities correctly.

Intensity Plots on a Smaller Area

With the example models, you will explore CODE V’s extensive design and analysis capabilities as you work on practical examples. You can quickly learn how to use a feature and be instantly more productive. Get a head start designing your next imaging application with the example models in CODE V.

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