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Application security isn’t simply about deploying tools and running tests. It’s about aligning people, process, and technology to address application security risks holistically. Build a security program that addresses the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow with Synopsys security consulting services.

AppSec questions

Get answers to your hardest AppSec questions

No matter what stage of the application security maturity journey you’re at, you'll have questions. You need to know what’s working, what isn’t, how to get started, how to evolve, and how to thrive. 

Let our consulting team help provide the answers.

  • How does my security program measure against my peers?
  • What steps can I take to improve my security program?
  • What does it take to build a world-class AppSec program?
  • Do I have clear and actionable security goals?
  • Am I doing enough to secure my applications?
  • What does a multiyear vision and strategy look like?
BSIMM12 report

BSIMM: A model for application security success

For over a decade, the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) report has provided a measuring stick and blueprint to help CISOs and security teams compare the maturity of their programs against those of their peers. Measurements and benchmark data is derived from organizations participating in the BSIMM, so it provides a direct line of sight into the real AppSec program strategies being practiced today. The BSIMM report provides a reference for AppSec maturity assessments, serves as a community for connecting security professionals, and is the driving model to help form remediation action plans.

Know where you are today, and chart a course to where you need to be tomorrow

The journey to a mature AppSec program starts with an assessment of current strengths and weaknesses. Using BSIMM study data as a reference, Synopsys security consultants perform a thorough assessment of your current practices to give you insights into areas for prioritization and improvement. Ready to move forward but not sure how? Synopsys Maturity Action Plan (MAP) services help you develop and implement a roadmap to achieve your program objectives.

Compare your appsec program

Assess your application security program against your peers

When you participate in a BSIMM assessment, Synopsys provides a scorecard outlining the current state of your full application security program. With benchmarking spanning 4 common domains, 12 practices, and 200+ metrics, it’s easy for you to see how your AppSec program ranks when compared against that of your peers.

Align an action plan to your security roadmap

A Maturity Action Plan (MAP) provides a step-by-step plan with actionable guidance to help you prioritize security program funding, streamline resources, and reduce the overall risks of application vulnerabilities. Each plan delivers a roadmap for security that includes design and implementation guidance for new software security programs (SSPs), open source, CI/CD, cloud, DevSecOps, and more.

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