Synopsys offers a wide range of education solutions to address your needs: from understanding the basics of coding standards to developing advanced skills to build secure code.   

A learning solution for every situation

Our training programs enable you and your team to make the most of your investment in software security and quality. We offer a variety of training options—from instructor-led private classes to self-paced eLearning courses—so you can select the approach that fits your learning goals and schedule.

Software security courses

Hone your skills (from web and mobile application testing to defensive programming).

Product education

Get the most out of our tools and services.

secure software development training

Make learning about security easy, relevant, and accessible

Synopsys eLearning is an outcome-driven, learner-centric training solution that gives learners on-demand access to an immersive, continuous learning ecosystem that unifies security expertise, instructional design, and storytelling into an intuitive platform.


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security training for developers

We’ve got something for everyone

Developers, designers, quality assurance and testing teams, executives, and product owners all rely on our training programs and educational services to create, maintain, and ensure secure software.