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Discover Application Security Training Services

Synopsys security training provides interactive courseware designed to help development teams learn and implement best practices for securing code. 

Make software security training easy, relevant, and accessible

Synopsys security training offers outcome-driven, learner-centric solutions. Select courseware that fits the skill levels, roles, and responsibilities of your team and tackle security from all angles and depths. Build a security training program that can integrate into your software development life cycle (SDLC) and address security challenges both broad and narrow.

Stay current with the latest in security and product guidance from Synopsys

Training and education solutions that fit in your SDLC

Our rich security curriculum enables you and your team to make the most of your investment in application security and quality. We offer a variety of training options—from instructor-led private classes and Security Champions programs to self-paced on-demand courses that you can integrate into your Synopsys security analysis tools.

Customize programming to fit your needs:

AppSec Training Options

Want to learn how to get the most out of your Synopsys AppSec analysis tools? Take advantage of our interactive, easy-to-consume, and complimentary product training.

secure software development training

Implement a flexible security training solution

Synopsys eLearning is a self-paced, on-demand AppSec training solution that scales. Utilize our cloud-hosted platform or your own learning management system to get fresh and relevant content authored, updated, and released by only top experts in the application security community.

Build custom learning paths and manage a full application security training program that can track compliance, report on engagements, and motivate learners.

Tackle complex security challenges in depth

Instructor-led training (ILT) is taught by Synopsys certified security professionals and suited for learners just starting out as well as those looking to obtain more advanced skills. Material includes broad and narrow application security topics, and you can customize the in-depth curriculum to support Synopsys security testing tools. Training is delivered in structured small groups or webinar format, and focuses on strategies to engage learners.

Training includes:

  • Hands-on labs via our cloud-based VM solution
  • Breakout groups, live demonstrations, whiteboarding
  • Videos and polling
Synopsys Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Ensuring that Citi developers get the AppSec training they need

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Address a diverse set of development goals and objectives

AppSec training goals and requirements vary by organization and individual. Develop your training programming with courses fit to match your team’s skillsets, roles, and responsibilities.

Software compliance

Meet developer training requirements or specific compliance mandates with courseware that covers defined software security requirements and standards.

DevSecOps + -


Learn how to integrate security into development workflows with courses geared toward DevSecOps best practices.

Secure architecture and design

Uncover the strategies for designing and architecting secure applications starting from the design phase of development.

Front-end / back-end development

Learn how to securely implement front-end user interface technologies while also understanding the threats that face back-end server-side programming languages, web server technologies, and databases.

Mobile development

Discover the unique set of security challenges that face mobile applications while acquiring the defensive skills to keep these modern applications secure.

Cloud security

Cloud platforms and container technologies are not always inherently preconfigured to meet development teams’ security requirements. Build the knowledgebase needed to enhance the security around your cloud-supported applications.

Build or improve your Security Champions program

A Security Champions program helps accelerate, motivate, and promote security leadership within your organization. Synopsys offers the expertise, framework, and curriculum needed to build, train, and nurture Security Champions in your organization.

Integrate security training to shift security left

Make security education seamless and relevant for your developers by utilizing eLearning integration with Code Sight™, Coverity® Connect, and Seeker®. When an analysis tool identifies or flags an issue, context-based security training is served directly within the tools and IDEs your development teams utilize, so they can identify and fix security threats before they get released to production. 

Master your Synopsys security analysis tools

Synopsys Academy offers complimentary product training to help you unlock all the features and functionality of your application security tools (Coverity, Black Duck®, Seeker, Defensics®, etc.). Whether you’re onboarding a new Synopsys tool or calibrating one, our on-demand training, interactive training tutorials, and webinars guide you step by step to make setup and configuration a breeze.

Get the most out of your security tools with Synopsys Academy

Get access to complimentary product education designed to make setup, configurations, and onboarding of Synopsys tools easy, simple, and effective.