Application Security Threat & Risk Assessments

Understand the internal and external security risks your AppSec program needs to address​

What is Software Architecture and Design?

With services ranging from security control analysis to in-depth assessments and mitigation support, our Architecture and Design practice helps you identify missing or weak security controls, understand secure design best practices, and mitigate security flaws that increase your risk of a breach.

We’ve got you covered

We offer services to review your application for design flaws based on the level of depth you need.

Strengthen your foundation in architecture security

Our team of security experts are here to help you build more secure software. Learn more about how to find the security flaws that put your applications at risk.

Analysis with business context

We not only identify security flaws in your design, but help you rank your risks and understand the potential impact to your business if threat agents achieve their goal.
Application Security Threat & Risk Assessments | Synopsys

Building security in

Fix security issues before they disrupt your business. We go beyond traditional testing and analysis to help you build security into your software from the start. We offer products, training, and professional services for a proactive approach to application security.