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April 2022

SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base Articles

The SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base features a collection of searchable articles covering many topics of Synopsys tools, including Optical Solutions tools. You can find articles a couple ways:

1. At the top of the SolvNet page is a search bar. You can enter keywords to search for articles containing those keywords.

    Once the search results appear, you can continue to filter search results by the source and product:

Searching SolvNetPlus With Filters | Synopsys

2. An article list is available by clicking on the Articles tab. From here, you can view your list of saved articles, or choose All Articles. 

    In the article list, you can filter by product, title, date published, type, and number.

Searching SolvNetPlus Articles | Synopsys

We are continuing to add articles to the SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages, so check back regularly! Here are a few recent additions:


Note: A SolvNetPlus account is required to access these articles.

User Group Meetings

Save the date! In June we are offering in-person user group meetings for CODE V and LucidShape. Join these events to network, share best practices with other users, and learn the latest features and usage tips from Synopsys experts. LightTools User Group meetings will be held in September. 

CODE V (North America)

  • Pasadena, CA - 14 June 2022
  • Sunnyvale, CA - 16 June 2022
  • Rochester, NY - 21 June 2022

CODE V (Europe)

  • Munich, Germany - 23 June 2022
CODE V SpecBuilder | Synopsys

LucidShape (North America)

  • Novi, MI - 14 June 2022

LucidShape (Germany)

  • Munich, Germany - 27-28 June 2022
LucidShape | Synopsys

Optica Technology Showcase

On April 13, Synopsys will participate in Optica’s online Technology Showcase with a presentation on metalens design. You will also have the opportunity to meet with Synopsys representatives in a virtual networking space.

Synopsys Solutions to Design and Simulate Metalenses
Presented by Chenglin Xu, Product Manager, RSoft Photonic Device Tools
April 13, 2022; 10:30-10:45 a.m. EDT

Learn more |  Register for the event online

RSoft Photonic Device Tools Service Release Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of RSoft Photonic Device Tools 2021.09 Service Release 3 (v2021.09-3). The service release includes an updated interface with TCAD Sentaurus to work with new file formats in version T-2022.03.

Customers do not need new license files to run this version. 

If you need software and license file instructions, please visit our website for more information. 

What’s New on the Customer Support Portal

Here are the latest updates to the Portal:

LucidShape Manuals and Tutorials

The LucidShape manuals and tutorials have been updated for the 2022.03 release. This includes the new tutorials for Advanced Analysis and the Project Lux Sensor. The FunGeo Collimator and Axis Pattern tutorial has been expanded and separated into two tutorials.  Visit SolvNetPlus (account required).

Tech Talk Recordings

CODE V 2022.03 New Features

LucidShape New Features 2022.03

LightTools 2022.03 New Features

Fiber and Waveguide Design and Simulation: Strengths of RSoft Photonics Device Tools

Color Analysis and the Scaling of Ray Files to Generate the Correct Spectrum

Suitability of BPM Simulation for Silicon Photonics

Latest Blog Articles

Trends in Imaging Design: Why AR/VR Needs Disruptive, Smart Imaging Systems

How is AR/VR is driving innovation in imaging design?

Read the article

New Release of LucidShape Helps Automotive Lighting Designers Work Smarter and Faster

Designers can work smarter and faster with the new Advanced Analysis Tool, and develop cutting-edge lighting with MacroFocal enhancements for freeform lenses and reflectors. 

Read the article

The James Webb Space Telescope Is the Next Best Thing to Time Travel

NEW! Optical Scattering Measurements and Instruments Info Day

1 June 2022, Munich, Germany

Learn the latest about Synopsys optical scattering measurement solutions. 

This event features a series of technical talks and several demonstrations of our scattering measurement equipment, as well as an opportunity to network with Synopsys scattering measurement experts. 

Training and Resources

Product Training

We offer comprehensive introductory and advanced Optical Solutions product training. View our list of upcoming instructor-led training events and register today!

Online Tech Talks

Join our hour-long online talks covering new features and a wide range of topics. 

View recordings on the Customer Support Portal, available on demand.

Go to Customer Support Portal


Enroll online and access the eLearning platform to Learn CODE V and LightTools at your own pace. All current users are eligible to access this valuable resource.


Visit us at LASER World of Photonics | Synopsys


Munich, Germany
April 26–29, 2022

Milan, Italy
May 4–6, 2022

San Jose, CA
May 17–19, 2022

Pforzheim, Germany
June 7–11, 2022

Las Vegas, NV
June 19–23, 2022


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