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Modern applications are a complex mix of proprietary and open source code, APIs and user interfaces, application behavior, and deployment workflows. Security issues at any point in this software supply chain can leave you and your customers at risk.

Synopsys solutions help you identify and manage software supply chain risks end-to-end.

Are you using secure open source components?

Black Duck® software composition analysis helps teams select high-quality components and detect open source vulnerabilities in development and production.

Are you building an accurate, compliant SBOM?

Not only does Black Duck export NTIA-compliant SBOMs, it also enables users to continually monitor them for newly disclosed threats and problematic components.

Is your team producing secure code?

Coverity® static analysis helps development teams find and fix security, quality, and compliance defects in code as they write it.

Do you know what’s going into your container images?

Black Duck® binary analysis gives teams visibility into the contents and dependencies of container images so they address issues before they make it into production. 

Is your development and deployment infrastructure secure?

Code Sight™ with Rapid Scan static analysis helps development teams detect security and configuration issues in infrastructure-as-code files.

Do APIs or network protocols leave your applications vulnerable to exploit?

With Defensics® fuzzer, teams can verify the security and reliability of exposed APIs and network protocols.

Does your software protect sensitive data?

Coverity static analysis and Black Duck Binary Analysis detect data leakage risks during development, and Seeker® interactive application security testing tracks sensitive data flow in your application, so teams can verify that it’s being kept safe at all times.

Can your users trust your software?

Intelligent Orchestration and Code Dx® help teams automate security testing and remediation based on policy, so they can continuously and consistently manage security issues across the supply chain.

Build trust in your software supply chain with Synopsys

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