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  • North America: (914) 488-6260
  • Europe: +31 53 483 64 60

Software and License File Download Instructions

Direct-Sales Customers

Synopsys Photonic Solutions software and license key files for direct-sales customers are available on the Synopsys SolvNetPlus site at The Photonic Solutions tools appear in the product list with names starting with the prefix ‘PS’; note that each group contains the same files, you only need to download the installer once.

If you do not already have a SolvNet account, use the click the link above and register for an account. Use your organization’s email address and site ID. Contact for assistance.

Distributor Customers

For customers working with distributors, please contact your local Synopsys products software distributor  to obtain your software and license files.

If your country is not listed on our Global Contacts page, please contact us at for instructions.

Installation Guides

Make sure you have the license file, installer(s), and USB dongle (if applicable) that corresponds to the software you are installing.

  • Windows: Run the installer, selecting the license mode: Nodelocked licenses are standalone copies of the software used on one computer, Network licenses are shared among different computers. Select the license file (nodelocked or network server only) or the SCL  license server (network client only) when prompted.
  • Linux: See instructions in the Installation Guide below.

Download the Photonic Solutions Installation Guide for instructions for detailed instructions for installing on Windows and Linux operating systems. Contact

For the PIC Design Suite: The PIC Design Suite Installation Quick Start Guide provides a high-level overview of the installation process with links to more details about the process.

Process Design Kits

Visit our Customer Support Portal for information about PDK installers and how to obtain PDK files (account required).

Process Design Kits (PDKs) provide photonic circuit designers the ability to use pre-qualified and characterized building blocks from which to build up their circuits. This saves designers time and reduces potential errors.

PDKs can include:

  • Libraries of passive and active photonic building blocks
  • Die and package templates
  • Frequency and time-domain models (only for PDKs with circuit simulation capabilities)
  • Optical properties for custom component design and phase-aware routing
  • Optical and manufacturing verification rules
  • Automated streamout to final, foundry-specific graphic database system (GDS) format

OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner provide access to more than 30 foundry-specific PDKs to provide PDK-driven custom and hybrid design capabilities for the following technology platforms:

  • Silicon photonics
  • InP/III-V technologies
  • TriPleX and other SiO2/SiN technologies
  • Polymers, silica, and more

Customer Support Portal

The Customer Support Portal is a password-protected site that offers additional resources for Photonic Solutions customers. It provides access to training materials, user documentation, training videos, and more. New users can register for an account, which is usually activated within one business day.

Photonic Solutions Enewsletters

Photonic Solutions enewsletters are sent monthly to current customers. Some resources referenced in the enewsletters are available on the Customer Support Portal (account required).