Photonic Solutions News

Rockley Selects Synopsys for Silicon Photonics Design Solutions

March 2021

"Machine-learning-aided abstraction of photonic integrated circuits in software-defined optical transport" Proc. SPIE 11713, Next-Generation Optical Communication: Components, Sub-Systems, and Systems X, 117130Q (8 March 2021);

March 2021

"Automatic design of NxN integrated Beneš optical switch" Proc. SPIE 11691, Silicon Photonics XVI, 1169110 (5 March 2021);

March 2021

PAM-4 transmitter design using segmented-electrode Mach-Zehnder modulators article by Jigesh Patel in PIC Magazine

Issue III - 2020 pp. 24 - 30

November 2020

Synopsys Introduces the Industry's First Unified Electronic and Photonic Design Platform

September 2020

Photonic Solutions From Synopsys Support Advancements in Nanoscale Optics

March 2020

Synopsys Releases Enhanced Portfolio of Photonic Design Solutions

September 2019

Synopsys to Showcase Design and IP Solutions for Optical Datacom and Hyperscale Data Centers at OFC 2019

March 2019

Mapping the Impact of Heat of Photonics, Semiconductor Engineering, with comments from Synopsys Photonic Solutions' R&D Director Twan Korthorst

February 2019

VSCEL Technology Takes off, with comments from Synopsys Photonic Solutions R&D Director Twan Korthorst

February 2019

RSoft Product Updates Advance Optical Design for AR/VR Systems

December 2018

Infinera Process Design Kit Available for Synopsys OptSim Circuit PIC Design Solution

November 2018

AMF Photonics SiP Process Design Kit Available for Synopsys OptoDesigner Photonic IC Layout Solution

November 2018

Synopsys and SMART Photonics Expand InP-Based PIC Design Automation

September 2018

Synopsys Offers First Single-Vendor Comprehensive Photonic IC Design Flow

August 2018

Synopsys and IMECAS Collaborate to Offer Silicon Photonics in China

July 2018

Leti Silicon Photonics Design Kit Available For Synopsys OptoDesigner PIC Design Solution

April 2018

Synopsys Releases Enhanced Photonic Integrated Circuit Design Automation

March 2018

Latest RSoft Product Updates Include Powerful New Design Features for Photonic Integrated Circuits and Silicon Photonics

March 2018

Synopsys Expands Photonic Design Solution with the Acquisition of PhoeniX Software

February 2018

Synopsys Enhances Photonic and Optoelectronic Modeling in the Latest RSoft Releases

October 2017

Synopsys' RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite Version 2017.03 Accelerates Optoelectronic Device Analysis

March 2017

Synopsys’ RSoft System Tools Advance Simulation of Optical Communications for Automotive, Ethernet and PIC Applications

March 2017

Synopsys Releases Version 2016.12 of the RSoft Photonic System Design Suite

December 2016

Synopsys Releases Version 2016.09 of the RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite

October 2016

Synopsys Announces Release 2016.06 of the RSoft Photonic System Design Suite

June 2016

Synopsys Announces Release 2016.03 of the RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite

March 2016

Synopsys Releases New Versions of RSoft Photonic Component and Optical Communication Design Tools

December 2015

Silicon Photonic Foundry Processes and Traveling-Wave Mach-Zehnder Modulators

November 2015

Synopsys RSoft 2015.06 Release Streamlines Design of Photonic Devices, Photonic Circuits and Fiber Optic Systems 

June 2015

Synopsys Introduces RSoft OptSim Circuit to Automate Design of Next-Generation Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) 

September 2014