System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported

Photonic Solutions software supports the 64-bit Synopsys V-Foundation. For details, please visit the Synopsys Release Specific Support page.

Synopsys cannot unconditionally guarantee support for all Linux distributions. However, in practice, we have found that the software can be configured to run successfully on most modern 64-bit Linux distributions.

Installation Guides

Make sure you have the license file installer(s), and USB dongle (if applicable) that corresponds to the software you are installing. There are three installers; depending on the products you are licensed for you may install one, two, or all three suites in any order. Note that you need to install both the ‘System’ and ‘OptoDesigner’ installer for the PIC Design Suite.

  • Windows: Run the installers, selecting the license mode: Nodelocked licenses are standalone copies of the software used on one computer, Network licenses are installed on a license server and are shared among different computers. Select the license file (nodelocked only) or the name of the license server (network only) when prompted.
  • Linux: See instructions in the Installation Guide below.

Download the Photonic Solutions Installation Guide for instructions for detailed instructions for installing on Windows and Linux operating systems. Contact

For More Information & Assistance

For additional information on specific platforms and hardware requirements, send an email to