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Photonics Applications

Synopsys’ Photonic Tools offer a powerful and complete software solution for scientists and engineers looking to design the next generation of photonics technologies. Our dedicated photonic device, circuit, system and layout software suites serve as an integrated framework for developing a wide range of photonic applications, including novel photonic devices, photonic integrated circuits, and optical systems and networks. On this page, you’ll learn about some of the many applications that Synopsys’ Photonic Tools can be used for; from studying fundamental optical phenomena such as Mie scattering and surface plasmonics, to designing ring modulators and laser diodes for telecommunications systems.

Photonic Devices

Augmented & Virtual Reality


Displays and Imaging

Measurement and Sensing

Metalenses and Special Materials

Nanophotonics and Nanostructures

Nonlinear and Gain

Photonic Crystals

Silicon Photonics

Solar Energy and Photovoltaics

Solid-State Lighting (LED/OLED/μLED)

Waveguides and Fibers

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Optical Systems and Networks

Advanced Modulation Formats

Coherent Fiber Optic Systems

Fiber Sensors

Free-Space Optics

Multimode Fiber Optic Systems

Optical Amplifiers

Optical Networks

Performance Estimation

PON, CATV, and Radio-Over-Fiber Systems

Time-of-Flight LiDAR

Transmission Impairments in Fiber