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Synopsys Photonic Solutions New Features 2019.09

Learn about the latest features in the Photonic Solutions 2019.09 Photonic Design Software portfolio updates. Efficiently accelerate your designs with the latest features.

Analysis and Optimization of Photonic Components

A Synopsys Photonic Solutions webinar providing tips for the analysis and optimization of photonic components. Get the M.O.S.T. out of your designs.

An effective approach for the design and simulation of metalens structures

Synopsys Photonic Solutions presents a webinar describing an effective approach for design and simulation of metalens structures.

Simulation Methodology for LiDAR-On-Chip

A detailed demonstration of how the Synopsys tool chain works for Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) on chip.

PIC Design Suite from Idea to Fabrication

This presentation covers key features of Synopsys’ comprehensive PIC flow with the OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner bi-directional interface and more.

TowerJazz PH18 Silicon Photonics Process and the Synopsys PIC Design Suite

A demo of the world's first open commercial silicon photonics process from TowerJazz, PH18, driven by Synopsys' PIC Design Suite.

Tom Walker of Synopsys discusses our solutions with AIM at Photonics West 2019

Synopsys, an early partner of AIM Photonics, is driving the advancement of integrated photonics with its PIC Design Suite.

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