Release Specific Support

Supported Platforms Guide V-Foundation

This guide lists the platforms supported by the Synopsys V-Foundation Releases 2023.09, 2023.12, 2024.03 and 2024.06. A platform consists of the computer architecture and the operating system version. Not all Synopsys products are available on every platform listed below. For an exact listing of platform availability for Synopsys products you have purchased, consult the Synopsys  SolvNetPlus Download Center.

Synopsys builds its products on selected versions of each operating system. Operating system vendors guarantee that applications compiled on a lower minor version of an operating system will be binary compatible with higher minor versions of the same operating system.

This means that an application supported on OS version X.Y will run on OS version X.Z. For example, a tool supported on RHEL 7.3 will run on RHEL 7.4. Synopsys relies on the OS vendor's binary compatibility claim and supports running higher minor versions. Synopsys also relies on the vendor’s binary compatibility claim on support across major versions. For example, a tool supported on RHEL 7.x will run on RHEL 8.x.

Synopsys products are supported on the following operating systems with the listed recommended patches installed.  

x86_64 Linux 64-bit – CentOS

Tested Configurations*

  • CentOS: 7.3.1611+

CentOS Recommended Patches:

  • None


  • GCC 9.5 with support for CXX11 ABI**

x86_64 Linux 64-bit – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

Tested Configurations*

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux: 7.3+; 8+

Red Hat Linux Recommended Patches:

  • RedHat Version 8.x
    • setup-2.12.2-2.el8.noarch or higher
      • Fixes issue with .cshrc/.tcshrc not being sourced through remote ssh commands

x86_64 Linux 64-bit - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Tested Configurations*

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: 12-SP5+; 15-SP2+

SUSE Linux Recommended Patches:

  • None

x86_64 Linux 64-bit - Rocky Linux

Tested Configurations*

  •  Rocky Linux: 8.4+

Rocky Linux Recommended Patches:

  • None

x86_64 Linux 64-bit - AlmaLinux

Tested Configurations*

  • AlmaLinux: 8.4+

AlmaLinux Recommended Patches:

  • None

x86_64 64-bit Microsoft Windows  

Tested configurations

  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 and Windows 10, 11

Microsoft Windows Recommended Patches:

  • None


  • MS Visual Studio 2019 16.11 with MSVC toolset version 14.29


* Is my OS version supported?

In the list above, the "+" in "X.Y+" refers to all operating systems on major release of "X" that were released on or after minor release "Y," for example "7.3+" includes 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, etc.  Similarly, "X+" refers to all minor releases of that "X" major release.


** devtoolset-9 for RHEL 7 does not support CXX11 ABI. Please obtain the toolchain through other channels.