WGET Installation Guide


UNIX Install by Compiling Source Code

  1. ftp wget.tar.gz to your home directory
  2. .gunzip wget.tar.gz to uncompress the tarfile. 
  3. tar xvf wget.tar to untar the source files. 
  4. cd to the new directory wget-1.5.3. 
  5. execute './configure --prefix=$HOME' 
  6. execute 'make -f ./Makefile'
  7. the program executable 'wget' is built in the wget-1.5.3/src/ dir.
  8. place wget in any directory or call it directly like this: '~/wget-1.5.3/src/wget --help'

Unix Install using Binary Dist.

  1. ftp proper version of wget i.e. wget-solaris.exe wget-hpux.exe or wget-linux.exe.
  2. rename file to wget or execute as is.
  3. execute from current directory or place wget in the search path.

Windows Install

  1. ftp wget.zip to hard drive.
  2. unzip wget.zip.
  3. place the wget.exe and wget.hlp files anywhere on the dos path like c:\winnt or c:\windows.