Electronic Software Transfer WGET Guide


WGET is a command line based FTP application which allows the user to restart previously failed download attempts from the point of failure. WGET is a free application available through the GNU Project. You can download WGET and install it on your system. The installation instructions are available at WGET Instructions. Once installed, run the following command (on one line, no extra spaces) from your UNIX shell or DOS Prompt:

For Access to the /rev directory use any of the following commands

  • cmd> wget -c ftp://UsrName:passwd@ftp.synopsys.com/rev/dir/file

or if you are using squid, gopher, socks or other proxies use.

  • cmd> wget -c ftp://UsrName:passwd%40ftp.synopsys.com/rev/dir/file

For Access to the /pub directory use any of the following commands:

  • wget -c ftp://UsrName:passwd@ftp.synopsys.com/dir/file
  • cmd> wget -c ftp://anonymous: full_email_address (please use a dash instead of the @ sign for your email address* for example john.doe-company.com)@ftp.synopsys.com/dir/file
  • cmd> wget -c ftp://anonymous:Synopsys_registered_username@ftp.synopsys.com/dir/file

Once the download begins, WGET will display the progress of the download. When the download is complete, WGET will return a message line containing transfer statistics and the text

If the download is incomplete, enter the command again and WGET will resume downloading.

Note: be sure to use the same directory and filename as the original attempt or it will re-start the download from the beginning.