Process Design Kits

Synopsys Photonic Solutions has the most comprehensive Photonic IC foundry support in the industry, with Process Design Kits (PDKs) available from foundries around the world for photonic processes such as silicon, silicon nitride, indium phosphide, polymers, and silica-on-glass. Our solutions have supported more than 1,500 tapeouts.

We support all technologies:

  • Silicon photonics
  • InP/III-V
  • TriPleX
  • SiO2/SiN technologies, including polymers, silica and more

We work together with AIM Photonics, amf, CEA-Leti, ePIXfab, Fraunhofer-HHI, GF, imec, JePPIX, LIGENTEC, LioniX International, SMART Photonics, Tower Semiconductor, and others to enable mutual customers and develop the eco-system to accelerate adoption of Photonic IC technology.

Setting Up Your Own PDK

PDKs are available as a plug-in library for our photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design platform. For vertically-integrated organizations, foundries engaging in integrated photonics manufacturing or customers using a foundry that is not yet supported, we offer engineering services to kick-start teams with setting up foundry-specific compact models, building block definitions, layouts and physical verification rules.

Obtaining PIC Foundry PDKs

Our solutions are used by many designers around the world to access MPW services and to work directly with R&D facilities and commercial foundries. PDKs can be obtained from the foundry of your choice. Contact if you need assistance.

Your Foundry Not Listed Here?

You don't see the technology or foundry you want to work with? Don't worry, we have relationships with many more facilities than listed above. Contact our Support team to request more information or support.