Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

Track down vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to critical data

Keep your eye on the real threats

Keep your eye on the real threats

Using our unique runtime code and data-flow correlation, Seeker verifies every identified vulnerability to ensure it’s real and exploitable. It also discovers complex vulnerabilities and logical flaws not detectable by other technologies and approaches.

We're a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in application security testing—again.

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We blend into your existing software testing processes

• Eliminate false positives 
• Automate security testing
• Protect sensitive data
• Empower developers

See how our IAST solution fits into your existing SDLC and devops infrastructure.


You won’t have to hunt down a solution

You won’t have to hunt down a solution

Seeker provides the developer with everything they need to fix vulnerabilities quickly and accurately-information such as remediation advice, the vulnerable lines of code, and even a video clip of the application and how to exploit it.