What is continuous integration and continuous delivery?

Continuous integration / continuous delivery / continuous deployment, or CI/CD, is a practice that enables application development teams to release incremental code changes to production quickly and regularly.

Build security into your CI/CD pipeline

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How to secure CI/CD pipelines

Security is a critical concern for CI/CD and should be built in from the beginning. Moving security testing earlier in the life cycle will reduce friction on development productivity and improve your ability to deliver business needs in a swift and controlled manner. To secure your CI/CD process, you’ll want to construct a security toolchain that allows for continuously available security feedback during development.

Create a CI/CD maturity action plan (MAP)

A maturity action plan (MAP) is a thorough and actionable roadmap to develop or improve capabilities in your DevOps environment. It should include a detailed assessment of the people, processes, and technology that support your environment, with focused recommendations to enable and enhance security smoothly and seamlessly.

What’s the difference between agile, DevOps, and CI/CD?

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Implement and mature secure CI/CD capabilities

Integrate security tools, technologies, and practices into your CI/ CD workflow, to create continuously available security feedback within your development process. For more information, view our articles on continuous development and CI/CD tools.

Operationalize secure CI/CD practices

Bring your applications into SAST/DAST workflows, and train Security Champions in your organization to perform this task on an ongoing basis.