Intelligent Fuzz Testing

Detect bugs that other tools miss

The number of ways to misuse a system is infinite, however your resources to test for security issues are not. Our intelligent fuzz testing tool, Defensics, helps you effectively and efficiently “shrink” your security problem to a manageable size by reducing the infinite pile of misuse cases to those that matter the most.

We uncovered Heartbleed

Defensics was used to identify the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability, which had gone unidentified for over two years and impacted over 500,000 websites.

Uncover more about Fuzz Testing

Our fuzz testing tool has made headlines—here’s why.

Maximize agility and security across your SDLC

Integrate Defensics into any secure development life cycle to relentlessly bombard your system with malformed inputs and uncover misuse cases that trigger dangerous unknown vulnerabilities.

Codenomicon fuzzer tool

Our tools fit into any environment

Our team of fuzzing experts prebuilt over 290 advanced test suites for network protocols, file formats, and other interfaces. This software-based solution can be installed in as many places as many times as you want.