Defensics Fuzz Testing

Fuzz Smarter. Remediate Faster. Release Safer.

Defensics is a comprehensive, versatile, automated black box fuzzer that enables organizations to efficiently and effectively discover and remediate security weaknesses in software.

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A comprehensive fuzzing framework

  • The generational fuzzer takes an intelligent, targeted approach to negative testing.
  • Advanced file and protocol template fuzzers enable users to build their own test cases.
  • The SDK allows expert users to use the Defensics framework to develop their own test cases.

Fuzz testing is experiencing a resurgence

  • 30 years

    The number of years fuzzing has been a proven security and quality testing technique

  • 20.4 billion

    The number of connected devices expected to be used by 2020

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A versatile fuzzer that fits any team’s needs



Defensics is a black box fuzzer, meaning it doesn’t require source code to run. With Defensics, users can secure their cyber supply chain to ensure the interoperability, robustness, quality, and security of software and devices before introducing them into IT or lab environments.

fuzzing for development


Defensics fits nearly any development workflow—whether in a traditional SDL or CI environment. Its API and data export capabilities also enable it to integrate with surrounding technologies, making it a true plug-and-play fuzzer.

fuzz testing quality assurance

Quality assurance

Fuzz testing aims to address the infinite space problem: There are endless ways to misuse software. Defensics’ intelligent, targeted approach to fuzzing allows organizations to ensure software security without compromising product innovation, increasing time to market, or inflating operational costs.

Security + -
Find zero-day vulnerabilities


Black box fuzzing is one of the top techniques used by adversaries. Use Defensics to uncover zero-day and unknown vulnerabilities before they lead to costly patches and recalls.

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Properly executed fuzzing techniques can provide a low-cost, efficient means of finding vulnerabilities, covering more code paths and value iterations than a manual analysis can perform in a short period of time."

Bow Sineath


Director of technology at Alpha Defense Co.

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